Ellis features a range of handmade resin jewellery, all created locally in Brunswick. From large statement necklaces and earrings to chunky rings and bangles, Ellis pieces are created in a range of colours. Each Ellis piece is dyed, poured and finished by hand using locally sourced materials. 
Laura Sullivan is the Melbourne lady and namesake behind Ellis (LS / Ellis) and is a side hustle and love project that's been in operation since 2015. Each item is lovingly crafted in her home studio in Brunswick. At markets you'll often find her mum Anne by her side, and friends supporting her. 


Each ellis item is made using locally sourced materials and is designed to be unique. The moulds have been created specially from upcycled items discovered locally, all with a woodgrain theme. Each mould is filled with resin, a mixture of colours which compliment Melbourne and it's surrounds. The pieces range from large statement necklaces, to chunky rings, bangles, and most recently a collection of earrings. 
Every item is hand finished, and designed to stand out.